Special place for recovery from fatigue and stress

Your favorite place for relaxation, and beautification. This spa for men and women, on three spacious floors, has five massage rooms, a cosmetic room, a sauna, and a beauty floor for manicures and pedicures. The offer is so wide and the spa is spacious enough that you can literally spend the whole day in it.



Touch is the transfer of energy, emotions and moods! Feel and afford it to yourself and your body.

  • Volcano stone massage
  • Thai massage
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Sports massage - deep tissue
  • Aromatherapy massage
  • Couple massage
  • Maderotherapy
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    Maintaining the appearance and health of natural nails.

  • simple manicure
  • uv gel
  • permanent nail polish
  • extensions
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    Beautiful and well-groomed feet are a reflection of true concern for the appearance and health of the body, regardless of the season.

  • medical full pedicure
  • pedicure + Permanent nail polish
  • pedicure + nail polish
  • hamam pedicure
  • Hamam pedicure + permanent nail polish
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    A popular trend around the world. Keep your mornings carefree and your lashes steady.

  • eyelashes extentions
  • eyelashes refill
  • eyelashes set extention
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    It is very important how your eyebrows will be shaped, because they can significantly affect the overall appearance of our face.

  • eyebrows
  • brow Tinting
  • Brow Threading
  • Brow waxing
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    Relax every part of your body and mind.

    Royal treat: Sauna 30 minutes + relax massage 90 minutes
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    Hair removal

    Long-term hair removal from almost all parts of the body.


    In order to emphasize our beauty, it is important to keep our most visible part of the body groomed.


    Amman Spa and Beauty Centar is a cozy, spacious three-story salon where you can enjoy several types of massages, sauna, various spas, and beauty treatments. The salon is open to both women and men, but in which both have special privacy separated by floors. 

    We work under the slogan “You live once, you deserve this” and after the first visit you will want to use as much of your time to enjoy, relax and take care of yourself. We will welcome you with herbal tea and provide royal pleasure. 

     We are located in Baščaršija, just the door next to the City Hall, on the main street.