Nail extension 35 KM
Gel nails 30 KM
Permanent nail polish 25 KM
Manicure 15 KM

Nail polish 5 KM

Halal nail polish 7 KM
Gel extension 40 KM
Gel removal 10 KM
Nail repair 5 KM
Spa manicure (classic) 25 KM
Spa manicure permanent nail polish 35 KM
Spa manicure with uv gel 40 KM
Spa manicure with extensions 45 KM

Lash lift 35 KM
Eyebrow shaping 10 KM
Eyebrow dyeing 10 KM

Spa pedicure 50 KM

peeling, mask, wrapping, removing thickened skin, nails shaping, removing cuticle, regular nail polish

Permanent nail polish 25KM

Permanent nail polish as an addition to pedicure 15 KM
Russian pedicure 35 KM
Dry pedicure 20 KM
Regular medical pedicure 40 KM

Relax massage
Thai massage
HOT Stone massage
Sports massage
Deep tissue
Detox face mask (during massage)

30 minutes 30 KM
60 minutes 60 KM
90 minutes 90 KM
150 minutes 175 KM
180 minutes 220 KM

15 minutes 20 KM
30 minutes 40 KM
15 mins face massage with mountain cristals 20 KM

Ultrasonic facial cleansing
makeup removal, peeling, steaming, cleaning blackheads and comedones, ultrasonic spatula cleaning, disinfecting and closing pores with Darsonval high frequency, soothing emulsion, hydration, mask

Ultrasound facial and saffron oil massage 49 KM

A treatment that nourishes the skin and gives it elasticity.
Precious saffron oil has natural properties in promoting skin texture that gives the skin a natural glow. It is also an excellent moisturizer and skin conditioner. SAFFRON is a plant with natural healing and regenerative properties.

Deep facial cleansing with Dead Sea minerals 55 KM

Ultrasound back skin cleansing 70 KM

Serum 10 KM

45 minutes 40 KM
Package of 5 treatments 125 KM
Package of 7 treatments 185 KM
Package of 10 treatments 255 KM

Anticellulite treatment 65 KM

Rich in active ingredients, this soft, creamy formula helps reduce cellulite and fights against the accumulation of fatty tissue. Special clay and mineral granules with a special mixture of plant extracts, essential oils and seaweed, it contributes to the revitalization of cellular processes of microcirculation, and helps maintain the elasticity of the skin.

Whole leg waxing 35 KM
Bikini zone waxing 20 KM
Depilation of legs to knees 20 KM
Whole arms depilation 20 KM
Armpit waxing 10 KM
Back depilation 20 KM
Abdominal waxing 15 KM
Chest depilation 20 KM
Facial depilation 20 KM
Upper lip 10 KM
Brazilian 40 KM

Facial massage + detox mask 20 KM
Foot reflexology 30 min 45 KM
Full body scrub 40 KM

Ultrasound facial cleansing 50 KM

Treatment Shiny (for hair) – 45 KM

(treating hair with a high-frequency comb, head massage, keratin mask, shower)


includes the use of sauna, relaxation room, shower

Sauna special 25 KM

includes the use of sauna, relaxation room, shower, detox herbal tea


includes 60 minutes massage, use of sauna, relaxation room, shower, herbal tea / water, detox face mask


includes hair mask, massage 60 minutes, detox face mask, sauna, relaxation room, shower, herbal tea / water, detox face mask


keratin hair mask, massage 60 min (optional), body peeling (additional massage with 30 min. body peeling), sauna and relaxation room, medical pedicure

Price for one: 149.00 KM
Price for couple: 290.00 KM


includes four-handed (two therapists) deep tissue massage 60 minutes, peel off detox face mask with facial massage for 15 minutes, body peeling of the whole body with lemon aroma for 30 minutes.

Duration: 105 minutes


Warm oil massage 60 min, sauna – unlimited (includes shower and relaxation room), ultrasonic facial cleaning

Amman Spa Rituals

Massage with exfoliating gloves for 20 minutes, after which you relax with a shea butter massage for 40 minutes. This ritual leaves the skin silky and fresh and your body completely invigorated and relaxed.

Price: 95,00 KM

Relax your body and soul with energetic movements and hot oils of aromatic rosemary and eucalyptus. Ideal for recovery after stress and fatigue. Duration of treatment 60 min.

Price: 95,00 KM

We start the ritual with a back massage with peppermint oil with special massage techniques. We move on to an intensive foot massage with peppermint oil. This is followed by an energetic massage of the head, face and cleavage for complete relaxation. Duration of treatment 75 min.

Price: 125,00 KM

We start the ritual with a body scrub with a relaxing lemon aroma, after which you are wrapped in foil while you have a relaxing foot massage for 20 minutes. This is followed by a shower and then a full body massage for a complete experience. Duration of treatment 75 min.

Price: 125,00 KM

We start the ritual with an active charcoal mask and peel, after which you are wrapped in foil while a relaxing massage of your face, head and cleavage is performed. This is followed by a shower and continued full body massage with shea butter. Duration of treatment 90 min.

Price: 165,00 KM

Massage for pregnant women. Light back massage on the side 20 min. After that, we move on to a massage of the head, face and cleavage for complete experience and relaxation. The treatment lasts 45 minutes.

Relieves many of the normal discomforts experienced during pregnancy, such as backaches, stiff neck, leg cramps, headaches and edema (or swelling).

Price: 55,00 KM

Shea butter massage for unrealistically smooth and soft skin. Duration of treatment 45 min.

Price: 55,00 KM

Four-handed massage – A unique experience for true hedonists. The soothing movements of two therapists simultaneously provide an experience of letting go of your thoughts as the body releases muscle tension.

Price: 60 mins 160,00 KM

90 mins 210,00 KM

We start the ritual with a full body peeling and wrapping in foil, followed by a shower. This is followed by a 60-minute relax massage with an refreshing and nourishing lemon-scented massage cream for complete relaxation and silky skin.

Duration: 90 minutes

Price: 125,00 KM

Cryo massage 5 minutes
Joints stretching 10 minutes
Sports massage 45 minutes

Price: 75,00 KM